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Welcome to Elite Escalator,Inc.!

We have been providing escalator cleaning services in Southern California at airports, stores, malls, offices and government buildings for over a quarter of a century!

Our company has developed the most effective cleaning methods for all types of escalators.

We have been performing the escalator step cleaning for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority Red, Green and Gold lines for the past 10 years.

content1 Description of work
Our crews are trained to use a combination of equipment and methods to clean the step treads and risers.

Steps are cleaned in place to minimize down time. All precautions are taken to ensure a safe work environment for both workers and customers/pedestrians.

Cleanings can be performed as often as necessary! They can be done on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

How we can help you
Our service provides you with these important benefits:
  1. Helps reduce costly repairs by removing debris.
  2. Helps maintain a clean and professional appearance for facilities.
  3. Helps reduce safety hazards by removing grease and debris.


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